Heroin(e) Premiering at Telluride Film Festival

Excited to premiere a film I produced and DP'd with filmmaking partner and wife, Elaine, at Telluride Film Festival this weekend! Only on Netflix on September 12th.


Once a bustling industrial town, Huntington, West Virginia has become the epicenter of America’s modern opioid epidemic, with an overdose rate 10 times the national average. This flood of heroin now threatens this Appalachian city with a cycle of generational addiction, lawlessness, and poverty. But within this distressed landscape, Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon (Hollow) shows a different side of the fight against drugs -- one of hope. Sheldon highlights three women working to change the town’s narrative and break the devastating cycle of drug abuse one person at a time. Fire Chief Jan Rader spends the majority of her days reviving those who have overdosed; Judge Patricia Keller presides over drug court, handing down empathy along with orders; and Necia Freeman of Brown Bag Ministry feeds meals to the women selling their bodies for drugs. As America’s opioid crisis threatens to tear communities apart, the Netflix original short documentary Heroin(e) shows how the chain of compassion holds one town together.

Climbing Mount Whitney

I have a new hobby: mountaineering. It's awesome. With some awesome guides from SMI, a couple buddies, a father-in-law, and some unknowns teamed up to tackle a nice primer route on Mount Whitney. I just had the A7r2 with me and the small Sony 16mm F2.8 - a light enough package to not weigh me down but capable enough to get some cool shots. 

Check it out:

Diving Deep On a Single Breath on Great Big Story

Another Humanity.TV (Gaston Blanchet and I) original has been licensed and featured by CNN's Great Big Story. This was an awesome, fun shoot about a sport that is pretty darn inspiring if not dangerous. 

Check out the video below of Aharon Solomons freediving into the depths. 

Imagine holding your breath as you fall endlessly deeper into the sea. For some, it sounds like a nightmare, but for others it's heaven on earth. Take the plunge through layers of salty sea and light with freediving master Aharon Solomons.

The Black Dog Behind You

While we made this doc awhile ago, I think Jon is still my favorite character we shot on Humanity. He's a unique, interesting, and talented artist that had a way with colors, words, and hair. Enjoy!

Turn down a dirt road off Iceland's Ring Road 1, ask for directions at the third farm on your left, go past a few dozen sheep, drive until you hit a large green tractor, and there you'll find one of Iceland's most unusual and talented artists.

Jón Eiríksson's computer is broken, he hasn't owned a television for five years, and he does farm work for eight hours every day. What started as a way to rest and relax after a day of manual labor, has turned into a large, mystical collection of surrealist paintings and animal portraits. His colorful landscapes and ostensibly endless portraits of dogs and cows line the walls in his art studio, splashing the large room with an array of color and imagination. Outside, the empty, cold wind of the Icelandic north continues to howl.

Fly Fishing in Glacial Rivers on CNN's Great Big Story

One of our docs from Iceland was recently picked up and license by CNN's digital platform Great Big Story. It was awesome to work with that team and showcase some of my favorite footage from the past three years.

Sometimes the weather is so cold in March in southern Iceland that fly-fishermen need to break ice off their rods during their entire excursion. While it wasn't that cold when we filmed with Stanji in 2013, it was cold enough for there to be near-blizzard conditions. 

Thanks Great Big Story and enjoy!


Medellin in Film

Medellin, Colombia is awesome. My wife, Elaine, and I recently spent nearly a month there doing some Spanish immersion, travel, diving, and adventure. Along the way, I took some film photographs that I just recently got back from the developer. Here is a small taste. 

There's something pretty awesome about taking a photo and then seeing the results weeks (or sometimes months) after. Film definitely makes you think a little bit more about the shot you're taking - about composition, characters, point of focus - everything.