The Black Dog Behind You

While we made this doc awhile ago, I think Jon is still my favorite character we shot on Humanity. He's a unique, interesting, and talented artist that had a way with colors, words, and hair. Enjoy!

Turn down a dirt road off Iceland's Ring Road 1, ask for directions at the third farm on your left, go past a few dozen sheep, drive until you hit a large green tractor, and there you'll find one of Iceland's most unusual and talented artists.

Jón Eiríksson's computer is broken, he hasn't owned a television for five years, and he does farm work for eight hours every day. What started as a way to rest and relax after a day of manual labor, has turned into a large, mystical collection of surrealist paintings and animal portraits. His colorful landscapes and ostensibly endless portraits of dogs and cows line the walls in his art studio, splashing the large room with an array of color and imagination. Outside, the empty, cold wind of the Icelandic north continues to howl.