In 2012 my buddy, Gaston Blanchet, and I decided that we would take off traveling and tell the stories of fascinating and inspirational people from around the world. We embarked on an 8-month adventure in Asia, featuring a new person each week. After gaining a small online following, we decided to create an interactive iPad app that featured a country through the people and places that made it unique. We first featured Iceland before completing Israel and Palestine.

Though the project ended in 2015, I'm still releasing content that I captured with my filmmaking wife, Elaine, in Scotland and Albania. The shorts we created for Humanity have been featured on Outside Magazine, CNN's Great Big Story, GoPro, Vimeo Staff Picks, and more. You can still download the app here: Humanity for iPad.

Here are some of my favorite films from the project:

The Black Dog Behind You

The Fly Fisherman

The Finger of the Grave

The Elephant Keeper