I own a production company called Xeno Productions. My cofounder and I came up with the name sitting by a pool in Phnom Penh, Cambodia because we wanted something that had an 'X' in it. Xeno means "strange" or "foreign" and since we really liked traveling and doing films in foreign countries, it seemed fitting enough. 

Since we launched the company, we've worked with some of the top brands in the world, including Marriott International, Renaissance Hotels, Budweiser, Facebook, and more. Below are some videos that we've made and like. 

Check out Xeno Productions on the world wide web to learn more or give me a shout on the contact page here to get in touch and make some awesome looking videos.

Marriott Harbor Beach - Fort Lauderdale

Renaissance Hotels' Global Day of Discovery - 2015

Canvas: A Food + Drink Concept Lab

Marriott Mobile App